Parent of U.S. Citizen

Parent of U.S. Citizen


U.S. Citizens are often able to sponsor their parents to gain U.S. permanent residency.  Qualifying parents can quickly obtain permanent residency and are considered “immediate relatives” of their U.S. citizen children.  As permanent residents, qualifying parents can work in the United States and may be eligible to obtain citizenship after five years.

One restriction to qualifying for this family-based application is that the U.S. Citizen must be over twenty-one years old.


If the U.S. Citizen’s parent is inside the United States:

If the U.S. citizen’s parent is inside the United States, it is often possible to obtain permanent residency without leaving the United States.  While applying for permanent residency, the parent may also be able to apply for work authorization and advance parole (granting the ability to travel abroad).

If the U.S. Citizen’s parent is outside of the United States:

If the U.S. citizen’s parent is outside the United States, the process for obtaining permanent residency involves multiple steps.  First, the U.S. Citizen must submit a petition to the USCIS that demonstrates the existence of the family relationship.  Once the USCIS approves the petition, the foreign national parent will need to attend an interview at a U.S. consulate abroad.  After a successful interview, a visa will be issued and the parent will be to enter the United States and receive permanent residency.

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  More Information:

For more information, please visit the USCIS website.  To learn if your parent is eligible for permanent residency in the United States, please contact an Albany immigration lawyer.