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Gafner Law Firm can assist in any immigration matter.  If you have an immigration concern that does not fall into one of the categories below, please do not hesitate to contact the firm.

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Family-based Immigration is the pathway through which the large majority of immigrants enter the United States.  However, not all family relationships provide a pathway to immigration – and some relationships only provide immigration options until a certain age.   If you believe you are eligible for family-based immigration, please contact an Albany family immigration lawyer to find out.

Employment-based Immigration provides various options to individuals who desire to work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis.  However, not all individuals are eligible to gain an employment-based visa – and almost all employment-based visas require a U.S. company willing to sponsor a foreign national.  Whether an individual is eligible depends on many factors.  To determine whether you are eligible for employment-based immigration, please contact an Albany employment immigration lawyer.

Immigrant Investors are eligible to receive immigration status in the United States in certain, limited situations.  Immigrant investors must be able to clearly show evidence of the details of their investment to the immigration agency.  Failure to follow the immigration agency’s requirements for investor immigrants, can result in devastating financial lose and immigration setbacks.  To find out what investor immigration options may be available to you, please contact an Albany investor immigrant lawyer.

Naturalization and Citizenship are the end goal of many foreign nationals who come to the United States as immigrants.  However, there are certain restrictions on naturalizing.  In fact, many naturalization applicants unknowingly put themselves into removal proceedings when they apply for naturalization and are ineligible.   To ensure your eligibility for naturalization, please contact an Albany naturalization lawyer.